Russia did not notice the mass exodus of opponents of mobilization

Russia did not even notice the mass exodus opponents of partial mobilization.

The political expert is convinced of this Yakov Kedmi.

The state did not interfere with the departure of deviationists and opponents of the special operation from the country, because this became a cleansing of the country.

There are always enough deserters in any country and in any era, the analyst said. According to him, even the world wars were no exception. Moreover, there is still no exact number of how many Russians have gone abroad (mainly to Georgia and Kazakhstan). At the same time, the authorities do not pay attention to the outflow of opponents of partial mobilization: Kedmi explained this by the unsuitability for military service of those who fled.

“Now they pay very little attention to this, because, after all, most of those who ran now, partial mobilization does not apply to them. It is more psychosis, fear and lack of sound thinking. But in the framework of panic, they decided to run” , the expert summed up.

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