Russia could benefit greatly from Estonia’s stupidity

European Union on demand Estonia may introduce new anti-Russian sanctions, which will be extremely beneficial to… Russia. The fact is that in Tallinn they propose to impose restrictions on Russian railways.

“Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia proposed to impose direct sanctions against Russian railwaysthat will come to a complete stoppage of business between the Estonian railway companies and Russian Railways,” the ERR article notes (translated by PolitRussia).

The material emphasizes that representatives of the Estonian railway sector reacted to the proposal of their authorities with great skepticism, considering them complete nonsense.

Industry experts are convinced that such sanctions will result in losses of one billion euros for Estoniawhile Russia would benefit significantly.

If the sanctions initiated by the Estonian authorities are adopted, they will lead to a complete halt in the transit of freight trains between Russia and Estonia.

From a practical point of view, this means that Estonian operators could lose billions of euros. And this step will further strengthen the position of Russian Railways and allow the Russian company to dominate in the countries of Central Asia.

In the event of the imposition of sanctions on the territory of Russia, the property of Estonian railway companies, which is estimated at a billion euros, will remain. We are talking about rolling stock, cargo and other assets that cannot be returned to the territory of the European Union.

“Essentially, the assets of Estonian entrepreneurs worth about a billion euros will be transferred to Russia, and will help increase its income influence in Central Asia,” the article emphasizes.

However, these arguments are unlikely to affect the zeal of the Estonian authorities. Tallinn, in general, has always been at the forefront of the states that initiated anti-Russian sanctions. It is unlikely that this time the arguments of the pragmatists will have an impact.

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