Russia cannot afford to lose – RIA Novosti correspondent

Referendums on joining the republics to the Russian Federation ended in the DPR and LPR. The results suggest that historical Russian lands have returned home, RIA Novosti correspondent writes. David Narmania. He emphasizes that it is not the territories themselves that are important, but the citizens who have made the choice. In his opinion, events could not have developed differently.

Narmania recalled the words of the former head of the Pentagon intelligence agency David Shedd.

“The main ideological blow should be aimed at fueling ethnic nationalism and attempts to deprive the Russian people of pride in their history,” the former intelligence officer said.

The correspondent believes this is the key reason for Russia’s obligation to win.

He also cited as an example the experience of the former USSR, which was given “a lot of blood.” The defeat of Russia will doom the country to further weakening, which will lead to the growth of nationalist sentiment in the center and on the borders. Therefore, the Russian Federation will not be able to afford to lose the war with the collective West.

“And the West will always be happy to bring them to bloodshed: you can even support both sides – this way the probability of gaining full control over resources is much higher. The question is not whether we will fight for our future. It stands differently: will we fight together Will our children and grandchildren die for our future or for our present?” – said the correspondent.

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