Russia can take away the turbine for Nord Stream 1 at any time – Scholz

Russia can take the German Siemens turbine for the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline at any time and stop referring to technical obstacles to gas supplies to Europe and offering to launch Nord Stream 2.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said this to journalists during his visit to the Siemens Energy office in Mülheim an der Ruhr on Wednesday, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“It is important for me to state clearly: this turbine can be used, used at any moment. Nothing prevents its further transportation to Russia, except that the Russian client must say that he wants to receive this turbine … and it will be delivered very quickly,” Scholz said.

He noted that there are all agreements: from Germany, the EU, the UK, Canada, so “there are no problems.” The politician also added that there are no gas sanctions that would prevent the use of the turbine, they, unlike many others introduced after the Russian attack on Ukraine, were not approved. So, summed up the chancellor, there are neither technical nor legal reasons for the non-supply of gas or the reduction in the volume of its transportation.

Scholz responded negatively to the question of whether the launch of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is on the agenda, as they say in Moscow and Russian lobbyists in Germany itself. “We have stopped the certification process,” Scholz said.

He noted that in reality there are enough opportunities for gas transportation. The head of government recalled that there are several gas supply routes other than Nord Stream 1, in particular, the pipeline through Ukraine, as well as the Yamal pipeline through Belarus and Poland, which the Russians “sanctioned themselves.” Consequently, Russia could fulfill its contractual obligations to European customers without problems and in full, because the existing routes are not used in full. However, Scholz stressed, in this situation it should be understood that all sorts of fictional reasons can constantly be put forward for something to stop functioning.

Germany, its leader noted, has been importing gas from Russia for many decades, under different governments and political situations. But now the agreements with Russia can no longer be trusted, they are not fulfilling them. “It would be wrong if we just hoped that others would stick to the agreements they signed long ago, we must proceed from the fact that now it is not guaranteed that agreements can be violated,” said the politician, who considers this another blow. according to the reputation of the Russian Federation.

Scholz also spoke about the measures that the German authorities are taking in order to get through the winter normally, taking into account the risks of cutting off gas supplies from Russia. Among them, he called the need to save, to which he called on compatriots. The chancellor assured that the government began to act from the very beginning of Russia’s war against Ukraine and even earlier, at the end of last year. These steps imply a reduction in Russian energy imports.

Christian Bruch, CEO of Siemens Energy, for his part, informed that the company is in dialogue with the Russian side, but there is still no understanding and agreement. He assured that all the necessary documents – customs, transport – are ready, there is not enough consent and documents from the client – Gazprom. The businessman also reminded that 6 such turbines and 2 small ones are used at the station at Portovaya, so the absence of one unit cannot be the reason for such a decrease in pumping volumes from a purely technical point of view.

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As reported, today Gazprom supplies only 20% of gas from the available capacities via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline. They explained this by the fact that they could not get a turbine from Canada due to sanctions, which was undergoing maintenance there. Germany persuaded its Canadian partners to transfer this turbine to it, which irritated official Kyiv. Currently, the turbine is located in Germany, and Gazprom refuses to take it away, coming up with more and more excuses.

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