Russia bought metal from Donbass for two billion rubles

Yevgeny Yurchenko (right) at the Stakhanov plant.

Yevgeny Yurchenko (right) at the Stakhanov plant.

The first obligations under the contract were fulfilled by the enterprises of the Southern Mining and Metallurgical Complex (YuGMK) in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, supplying Uralvagonzavod (UVZ) with metal worth two billion rubles. And according to Boris Myagkov, Deputy General Director for Civil Products of UVZ, the cooperation between the enterprise and YuGMK will only develop. Metallurgists work in the Donbass, who need stability and a long-term order, and Russia can provide both.

– We can give it, while mutually receiving good quality metallurgical products and understanding that we can also rely on long-term and not depend on momentary market fluctuations and other things, – Myagkov said.

The Southern Mining and Metallurgical Complex and Uralvagonzavod began to cooperate even before the start of the special operation. But now, as Evgeny Yurchenko, general director of YuGMK, says, contract work with UVZ will be increased.

Alchevsk metallurgical plant.

Alchevsk metallurgical plant.

– They are the leaders in mechanical engineering and metalworking in Russia. We are sure that “Uralvagonzavod” and in the territory of the republics of Donbass will be represented more widely, – says Yurchenko. – Uralvagonzavod also plans to supply the latest trams to the territory of the Donbass republics as soon as the tracks are restored.

Donbass has always been the industrial center of Russia. And according to the general director of YuGMK, it is impossible to imagine that its potential would not be preserved and in demand today. Yevgeny Yurchenko cited statistics that in the Soviet Union, the territories that now belong to the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics were densely covered with railways. And in the light of recent events, many damaged trains and wagons have appeared here, which require remelting and restoration.

– This is a very large program that will be implemented in the near future, – says the general director of YuGMK. – Production will be modernized and improved. Investments in the amount of 7-8 billion rubles are planned annually. The products will not only be exported, but will also cover the needs of the Donbass in metal structures, which are necessary for the restoration of facilities and the repair of destroyed buildings.

The Alchevsk Metallurgical Plant is considered the most productive of the enterprises of the YuGMK in Donbass.

– This is our undisputed flagship both in terms of equipment and production volumes, – says Yurchenko. – It includes all significant metallurgical stages – from coke-chemical and sintering processes to blast furnace, converter and rolling stages. This plant is able to produce any metallurgical products.

The Alchevsk Iron and Steel Works launched a full production cycle. Employees are happy that production is back at the same level.

hot metal stamper Vera Smirnova.

hot metal stamper Vera Smirnova.

– The workshop is working, so we will live and work! Everything is as it should be. We are happy with the work, – says hot metal stamper Vera Smirnova.

– We have long dreamed that our industry would flourish and heal, as in the old best times, so that the furnaces would not cool down and we would constantly produce more and more products, – supports metallurgist Ivan Fedorovich. – Now every day we are expanding production, new plans and goals are set before us, and we are happy to fulfill them. Our dream is coming true. The metallurgists of Donbass have a future!


Southern Mining and Metallurgical Complex LLC was established in 2021. It unites seven enterprises of Donbass – two in the LPR and five in the DPR: these are the Alchevsk Metallurgical Plant, the Enakievsky and Makeevsky Metallurgical Plants, the Makeevsky and Yasinovsky Coke Chemicals, the Komsomol Mining Administration and the Stakhanov Ferroalloy Plant. All these enterprises have reached their design capacities. YuGMK currently employs more than 22,000 people.

Uralvagonzavod produces armored vehicles and rolling stock for railways. The concern includes about 40 research institutes, design bureaus and manufacturing enterprises.

Anthracite is helped by Stavropol


The mining town of Anthracite, and with it the entire region, got its name from the name of the most ancient and valuable of all coals – anthracite. It makes up only 1% of the world’s coal reserves, and some of them are located here. Antratsitovsky district is 56 settlements and about 100 thousand inhabitants.

Member of the City Council of Entrepreneurs Eduard Knur.

Member of the City Council of Entrepreneurs Eduard Knur.

A lot has changed in the city since 2014. Banks, commercial offices closed, business left. Eduard Knur, a member of the City Council of Entrepreneurs, opened a grocery store five years ago.

– When the networks began to close and leave, it was necessary to do something, somehow feed people, – he says.

Now, the Russian tricolor is flying over the entrance to his Gornyak store and the inscription “Welcome” greets customers. But at the exit from the trading floor, “thank you” is already written in Ukrainian.

– Our Donbass is generally a multinational region, it has always been like that, – explains the businessman. – When I was at school, we filled out some forms, and there it was necessary to indicate nationality. There were 40 of us in the class, and no one knew their nationality. They told me to ask my parents. My mother is Russian, my father is Ukrainian, my grandparents are also like that. And who are we? The school then told the boys to write the nationality according to their father, and the girls – according to their mother. The issue was easily resolved. And there was never any language problem, no other.


Thanks to a cooperation agreement between the Russian Stavropol Territory and the Antratsitovsky District, Stavropol contractors are restoring schools and kindergartens here by the beginning of the school year: they are closing the roof and changing windows. And in the 10th school of the village of Dubovsky started a major overhaul. Behind the school there is a crane, and an edged board for a new roof is stacked nearby. Part of the first floor gapes through openings instead of windows, and double-glazed windows have already been installed above. On the facade of the building in the brickwork of the pediment, the year of construction is laid out – 1958. Major repairs are being done here for the first time.

– Another week and a half or two, and everything will be ready, – the builders promise. – We try!

They start their shift at 7 am and do not finish until late, the lunch break is only half an hour. Crews replace each other: roofers, heating specialists, finishers, fire alarm installers.

Stavropol contractors have a special scope of work in the gym.

– See the holes? It was all rotten, – the director of the school, Irina Tkachenko, draws attention to the ceiling. – And now, in addition to the ceiling, they will replace the floor and heating throughout the school.

Nearby is a kindergarten, where work is also in full swing. In the yard, local guys are dipping wood in some kind of red solution – they are treating it from a beetle. The main work here is also done by contractors from Stavropol.

– Here the facade of the building is being completely repaired, – head Natalya Kovalevskaya shows the territory of the kindergarten. – Expanded cracks, primed, plastered. Slightly increased the blind area. In addition, fire alarms and heating will be installed in the garden. The pump has already been changed, now you need to adjust the heat supply so that the building warms up evenly.

Roofers are still repairing gazebos on the territory. Then they will change the roof on the garden itself. And in the final, the building will be painted in a bright color.

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