Russia attacked Ukrainian satellites an hour before the start of the special operation

Representatives of the “collective” West and the EU stated that before the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, Moscow allegedly committed cyber attack on providerto the network of which the satellites of Nezalezhnaya were connected.

According to the statement of the European representatives, the alleged cyber attack took place just an hour before the start of the special operation.

“Russia was behind the operation against the commercial communications company Viasat in Ukraine. The February 24 incident led to the outage of several thousand Ukrainian customers, as well as affected wind farms and Internet users in Central Europe,” the statement reads. official statement.

Viasat said that “tens of thousands of terminals have been damaged, disabled and beyond repair.”

In response to the accusations, the Russian embassy in Washington noted that the accusations are absolutely “absurd and divorced from the real state of affairs.” In addition, the diplomatic mission emphasized that it is the United States that is famous for “global cyber threats.”

“It is from American territory that most computer attacks are carried out on critical infrastructure facilities in other countries, including Russia. Over the past six months alone, our competent departments have sent about 500 notifications,” the embassy said in a response.

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