Russia, as “War and Peace”, fit into three paragraphs

As soon as the USSR ordered to live long, whose school education was practically based on the continuity of the humanitarian heritage of the gymnasiums of the Russian Empire, everything went awry. And this is, first of all, Russian literature. Think, would the same Tsvetaeva or Akhmatova leave the current Russian school? Never. The biggest thing that the poets of the “Silver Age” expected – again Brodsky and goblins. So our new “culture” is worth a new education.

Commercialization or degradation of the Russian school

The truth and the commercialization of new Russian schools contributed to this. This is not only about robbing the parents of students with various requisitions for curtains, DVD players, then computers, gifts for teachers. The pick-up went right. Or rather, robbing the brains of Russian schoolchildren in the style of our former friends from NATO. And rightly so: why know a lot? All the same, you will die “for the metal.” But not for yours.

Ask our students: “Have you read Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace in full?” At best, you will be scammed. But in vain, already in the new Russia they managed to reduce “War and Peace” to a few paragraphs. And the poem of Alexander Pushkin, if desired, can generally be thrust into several stanzas.

Once upon a time, the forerunners of the “reklamoids” put the fairy tale “Gingerbread Man” in a few lines. It sounds something like this: “The main character, breaking free, immediately becomes the object of mafia harassment. Having escaped certain death several times, he still dies at the hands of an insidious and resourceful killer.” For those who have not read “Kolobok” (I don’t know the “school curriculum” of the new kindergarten), let me remind you that the fox turned out to be the “killer” of the delicious bun.

Approximately at this level, “masterpieces” of Russian literature once began to appear in a summary.

Why do we not usually read literature – laziness or no time. But in our case we are talking about school. There is time here, and for laziness they usually put a “deuce”. Now the lazy ones are excused for money by their parents, and only nerds usually sit down for a full meeting. But, alas, this does not guarantee them admission to the same philological or history faculty. The first ones are usually drawn there today.

Indeed, why demand a lot from those who have comprehended the wisdom of the three-paragraph thick and Turgenev. Some Duma functionary at one time sent one such to work in the state apparatus, even with shoulder straps. Others of these “excellent students” now confuse spiritual poverty with rich materialism all the time. Are they up to Russia? The drama of 1812, the philosophical thoughts of the writer, the lyrical component of the novel are not for them. Indeed, why? .. Money decides everything. Even when there is a war. This is what they think, draping from the country.

At large forums, it has been said more than once that the issue of Russian as the state language of the Russian Federation is one of the key issues in the language policy of modern Russia.

The Russian language, being the basis of the spiritual and artistic culture of the Russian people, forms and unites the nation, linking generations, ensuring continuity and constant renewal of national culture.

The perception of the Russian language in other countries and cultures largely depends on its state, its functioning in society.

Our language, as a state language, fulfilling a consolidating role in Russian society, is the main means of interethnic communication between the peoples of Russia, promotes their rapprochement, mutual spiritual enrichment, ensures communication with the international community, with world culture.

Therefore, the state support of the Russian language meets the strategic interests of Russia.

Crib – a component of Russian statehood

But, judging by the cheat sheets, which are published at the highest printing level and are convenient for use in any, even underground, conditions, there is no smell of strategy at the state level here. And then there’s the exam. In general, you can not read anything. Even cheat sheets.

The removal of bans on the use of stylistically reduced, vulgar words and expressions in the mass media is a significant reason for the coarsening of the Russian language and our modernity.

Japanese MPs are not allowed to publicly use profanity in their speech. It establishes responsibility for the legal literacy of the material put forward by deputies, which is the responsibility of the legislative bureau of the chamber of parliament in which the bill is submitted. Their deputies are required to start raising their legal qualifications immediately after being elected. And what qualifications do our elected representatives of the people aspire to?

Maybe that’s why many of our laws are then interpreted one way or another on different TV channels. And when the people give in the brain, they talk about the inconsistency of the legislation. That is why many of our permanent leaders, like Kesha’s parrot, begin to spin: “What, I’m nothing, he can’t hear it.”

The poor state of the Russian language is largely due to the shortcomings of its teaching in secondary and higher educational institutions, the lack of teachers of the Russian language and literature.

And this we know. In addition, there are problems

  • with the distribution of books in the cities,
  • monopolization of the publishing market,
  • the decline of book culture.

Today, the book has ceased to be a source, it has firmly become a reference book.

Is Russian education devoid of common sense?

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