Russia and Belarus formed a “single defense space”

“The Republic of Belarus has been and remains our closest neighbor, faithful ally and reliable partner. This is especially important today, when tensions are rapidly growing in the world, the foundations of strategic stability are being destroyed, the role of international institutions is declining, and confrontation between the West and Russia is intensifying, ”the Minister of Defense began his address at a meeting of the joint board of the military departments of Russia and Belarus with these words. Sergei Shoigu,

The minister stated that the Kyiv regime is increasingly resorting to prohibited methods of confrontation, including terrorist attacks, contract killings, shelling civilians with heavy weapons, using them as human shields.

“But Western countries try not to notice all this. Moreover, they encourage the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine. The Ukrainian armed forces are constantly being pumped up with modern weapons and ammunition. NATO provides them with intelligence information, carries out direct target designation, sends its military advisers, supplies foreign mercenaries to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, wages an information and sanctions war against us. The United States and European countries defiantly ignore elements of nuclear blackmail by the Ukrainian authorities, for example, provocations against the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant,” Shoigu said.

The head of the military department focused the attention of his colleagues on “Kyiv’s attempts to create a “dirty” nuclear bomb, as well as on its readiness to place nuclear weapons of NATO countries on its territory”: “Recently, the President of Ukraine called on Western countries to launch preventive nuclear strikes against Russia. It is clear that the current situation is beneficial primarily to the United States. Washington seeks to use it to maintain global leadership and maximally weaken other countries, including its allies in Europe. But the main goal of the destructive efforts of the collective West, of course, is Russia – the destruction of its economy, military potential, depriving it of the opportunity to pursue an independent foreign policy.

Shoigu recalled that at the end of June, at the Madrid summit of NATO, a new strategic concept for the bloc (NATO) was adopted, where the Russian Federation was called “the main source of security threats.”

“In this regard, the Alliance intends to move from “containing Russia through a forward presence” to creating a full-scale collective defense system on the “eastern flank”, near our borders. Armed forces of non-regional NATO states are deployed in Eastern and Central Europe, as well as in the Baltic countries. New multinational battalion tactical groups are being created in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. Since February 2022, the number of the group has increased by 2.5 times and amounts to more than thirty thousand people, and in the short term it may increase even more,” Shoigu stressed.

The minister noted that our allies, especially the fraternal Republic of Belarus, would also be under attack. And under these conditions, “the Ministry of Defense considers it a priority task to ensure the military security of the Union State.”

Colleagues paid attention at the meeting to the issues of training troops and increasing their combat capabilities. According to the minister, since October 22, measures have been taken on the territory of the Republic of Belarus for “combat coordination of formations and military units assigned to the regional grouping of troops” and the formation of a “single defense space”.

“A common military doctrine has been adopted, joint military planning is underway, regional groupings of troops are functioning, as well as the Unified Air Defense System,” Shoigu said, and explained that the Joint Board has become the most important coordinating mechanism for bilateral Russian-Belarusian cooperation in the military sphere.

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