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If Russia does not divert gas flows, gas supplies to Europe through Ukraine could fall by a hundred, warned the Ukrainian state energy company Naftogaz Yuri Vitrenko. According to Vitrenko, a Peruvian delivery by Sochranovka would not have an impact on the domestic Ukrainian market.

According to the GTSOU, the current military situation impedes gas transportation through the Sochranovka metropolitan station and the Novopskov compressor station located on lands occupied by Russian troops. Novopskov is the first compressor station in the Luhansk region. This is a transit route for a number corresponding to the tenth of the total volume of Russian gas transported via Ukraine to Europe.

The total contracted capacity for transit of Russian gas through Ukraine to Europe in 109 million cubic meters per day. However, the main route for Russian gas to Europe is the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline running along the Baltic Sea, the DPA agency wrote. Nord Stream 1 m capacity 55 billion cubic meters of gas ron.

Ruth soldiers unintentionally interfere with the system

The Ukrainian operator of the gas transmission system in the world first points to the intervention of the occupied forces, for example, the unauthorized pumping of gas. This, according to the first, threatens the stability and security of the entire Ukrainian gas transportation system.

The Ukrainian company Serhiy Makogon told Reuters that the Russian occupiers had sent gas for transit to Europe to send to two regions at the entrance of Ukraine controlled by pro-Russian separatists.


The Ukrainian side stated that it repeatedly informed the Russian company Gazprom about threats to gas transit as a result of the activities of the Russian occupied forces and called for an end to the intervention, but without consequences. Gazprom said that he did not see any reasons for Peruvian delivery via the Sochranovka station. He added that full of bundles are available to gas customers in Europe.

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