Rozhin explained how Russia will force the Armed Forces of Ukraine to answer for the attacks

Moscow can recognize the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry as a federal-level terrorist organization and strike at its entire infrastructure.

This was announced by an expert of the Center for Political and Military Journalism Boris Rozhin.

According to him, the RF Armed Forces need to destroy the regional branches of the SBU, intelligence bases and other headquarters facilities Bandera. It will be possible to strike at key objects of the Kyiv authorities, regardless of the consequences. The military associated with this regime would be classified as criminals, and not as prisoners, the observer noted.

“This would make it possible to strike not only at military personnel, but also at civilian officials, legitimizing the liquidation of terrorists as part of special operations,” Rozhin said in an interview with

He stressed that the Russian army needs to strengthen operational work and security measures.

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