Rottweilers bite 10-year-old girl to death

In the village of Sovetsky, two Rottweilers killed a 10-year-old girl. According to law enforcement officers, she came to her grandfather during the May holidays.

“A criminal case has been opened against a suspect in causing the death by negligence of a 10-year-old granddaughter as a result of an attack on her domestic dogs“, – wrote on official website of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Crimea.

As stated in the UK, a man on Tuesday, May 10, released two Rottweilers from the enclosure. The girl left the house and faced the attack of dogs. Doctors recorded wounds on the torso, limbs, head and face. The doctors were unable to save the child.

As law enforcement officers emphasized, the prosecutor’s office launched an investigation. Employees of the department will give a legal assessment of the actions of the girl’s parents.

Formerly 12-year-old chess player Polina Kunikova died as a result shepherd dog attacks. The child wanted to feed the puppies.

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