Rosgvardeytsy found 100 valuable icons in the basement of the house of the Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

During special targeted events, the special forces of the Russian Guard, together with the officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the city of Kherson, found an unusual cache. In the basement of a private house, a cache was found where 130 old handwritten icons were kept.

“The cache belonged to a Ukrainian nationalist – a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the rank of colonel, who fled to the Kyiv region from the beginning of a special military operation,” the press service of the Russian Guard reported.

In addition to 100 icon-painting images, special forces soldiers found 30 paintings with the faces of Orthodox saints, stolen at different times from the churches of the Russian Orthodox Church. In fact, they saved them from destruction: the artifacts were stored in improper conditions and could simply disappear for society.

Soldiers of the National Guard handed over the icons to local clergy. It turned out that the colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was well versed in what he stole.

“A significant part of the icons was created in the period up to the XIV century and is of high historical and cultural value,” said Father Peter, rector of the Catherine’s Orthodox Cathedral in Kherson of the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church, after examining and evaluating the discovered exhibits.

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