Rojen ship will be the first to carry Ukrainian corn from Chornomorsk to Britain

Bulk carrier Rojen, loaded with 40 thousand tons of Ukrainian corn, may be the first to leave the Black Sea port for the UK under the Istanbul agreements signed on July 22.

According to Ukrinform, this is reported by the specialized publication Ukrainian Shipping Magazine.

“The bulk carrier Rojen is the first vessel to pass through the “grain corridor” in the Black Sea. The vessel of the Bulgarian company Rojen Maritime Ltd. On February 21, it entered the port of Chernomorsk,” the USM said in a statement.

According to the publication, the Odesa-Navtex hydrographic station determined the coordinates of the routes for grain carriers that will leave Ukrainian ports in the direction of Turkey. Vessels will leave the ports of Odessa and Chernomorsk and move to a certain area Black Sea. Further movement along the “grain corridor” is allowed only for caravans led by a Ukrainian tugboat.

It is likely that Turkish frigates of the MEKO type – F243 Yildirim and F242 Fatih, as well as a submarine, will ensure the safety of the caravans. In a certain area of ​​the Black Sea, the vessels of the “grain caravan” will be checked by the participants in the Istanbul Agreement. Also in this zone, caravans will be formed from ships that go in the direction of Ukrainian ports.

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According to the USM, the dry cargo ship Rojen received permission to leave the port of Chornomorsk and proceed with a cargo of corn to the UK.

As Ukrinorm reported, the ambassadors of the G7 countries and Turkey to Ukraine arrived in Odessa on July 29 to testify to the importance of fulfilling the agreement on the resumption of Ukrainian food exports.

As a result of the quadripartite meeting of Ukraine, Turkey, the UN and Russia, an agreement was signed on July 22, within the framework of which grain and food will be exported from the ports of Ukraine.

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