RF smuggling gold out of Sudan to support war in Ukraine – CNN

Russia is smuggling gold out of Sudan to support dictator Putin’s war effort in Ukraine.

This is stated in the investigation. CNNreports Ukrinform.

A few days after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, a Russian cargo plane took off from Sudan. The plane’s paperwork showed it was loaded with biscuits.

“Sudan rarely or never exports biscuits,” CNN noted.

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Sources told investigators that the plane’s cargo hold contained multicolored boxes of biscuits, underneath which were wooden crates containing almost a ton of gold.

Former and current US officials told CNN that Russia actively supported the 2021 military coup in Sudan that toppled the transitional civilian government.

“We’ve known for a long time that Russia is exploiting Sudan’s natural resources,” one former US official familiar with the matter told CNN. “To maintain access to these resources, Russia encouraged a military coup.”

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This “quid pro quo” between Moscow and the military junta of Sudan is provided by the Russian oligarch, the founder of the Wagner Military Commissariat Evgeny Prigozhin. Sudanese Meroe Gold mines gold, supplies weapons and trains the country’s army and paramilitaries, CNN found out.

Operations to export gold were carried out by military aircraft through Syria, writes CNN. The planes were arriving from the Syrian port city of Latakia, where Russia has a large airbase. Sudanese law enforcement intercepted at least 16 such flights last year. In some cases, the gold was transported in boxes with biscuits on top for disguise.

It is noted that Russia began smuggling gold from Sudan in 2014 after its invasion of Crimea triggered Western sanctions.

“Gold supplies have proven to be an effective way to accumulate and move wealth, replenish the Russian state treasury and bypass international financial monitoring systems,” the investigation says.

Most CNN insider sources claim that about 90% of the gold mined in Sudan is smuggled out – that is, approximately $ 13.4 billion.

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