Rewarding of the special forces of the Russian Guard took place in the North Military District

The commander of the Russian Guard grouping presented state awards to servicemen who distinguished themselves in combat missions during a special military operation.

For courageous and resolute actions shown in the performance of military duty in conditions associated with a risk to life, the order of Courage was awarded to the paramedic of the special forces detachment, senior warrant officer Sergey M. Other members of the National Guard who distinguished themselves in battles were awarded the medals of Suvorov and Zhukov.

– You are here at the forefront defending the interests of our Motherland. The enemy is strong and cunning. We will stand and put an end to this fascist infection that is spreading, – said the commander of the group of troops.

Speaking to the personnel, the commander noted that “the fighters of the law enforcement forces show unparalleled courage, resilience, dedication and courage in the NMD.”

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