Revelations of “soldiers of failure” about the Armed Forces of Ukraine: mess, losses and horrendous corruption

The West sends huge military aid to Ukraine, a significant part of it is being stolen

The West sends huge military aid to Ukraine, a significant part of it is being stolen

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Famous American journalist Lindsey Snell, who specializes in conflicts in the regions of the Caucasus, North Africa and the Middle East, visited Ukraine and met with several foreign mercenaries who are now fighting on the side of Ukraine in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The conclusions that the mercenaries shared with her, and she published on her website, are disappointing neither for Ukraine nor for the West helping her.

The first thing that struck her in the stories of mercenaries was a complete mess in the units in which these mercenaries were located.


Frenchman Bastien (Hereinafter, Lindsey replaced the real names of the mercenaries with pseudonyms), who served 4 years in the French army and fought in Iraq: “For every Ukrainian soldier, there are maybe three Russian soldiers. That, plus Russian artillery and cluster munitions, really slowed us down. Basically, we’re just trying to hold our position.”

A strange assessment, given that the Russian group, together with the People’s Militia of the LDNR, is inferior to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in terms of numbers at times. It is likely that such superiority was created for an offensive in local areas. However, Bastien is broken both mentally (if people like him have a soul, and physically: “I’ve been on the front line for more than a month. My body is tired. My spirit is tired. I just need to breathe.”

Canadian Sean, 30-year veteran of the Canadian army: “Very few units are ready to move forward again from their positions. Most are burned or destroyed. Frightened or tired. I am with a detachment of volunteers who are very eager to fight. But the Ukrainian troops are pulling the reins for us, not wanting to be active “I think this means that the Ukrainian military is running out of steam. What started out as rest and reset has turned into static.” Sean was most struck by the chaos and disorganization in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: “Units that need anti-tank weapons do not have them, while units that do not need them have them. The level of crowding here is extreme.”

But 23-year-old mercenary Sam from the UK it was not only that that struck.

“Lack of training and organization… I worked in a hospital for a while, which was unpleasant, because, in addition to shrapnel wounds, most of the wounds were associated with friendly fire,” the Briton opened up. – I guess that’s not the story people want to hear, but the gap between how the war is portrayed in the media and the reality of this place is pretty ridiculous.

His conclusions are confirmed US Mercenary Stevewho has been in Ukraine since February in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as a military and medical instructor.

– Probably more than half of the wounds are friendly fire, Steve confirms and draws attention to another characteristic feature of the war in Ukraine. – I fought in the Middle East and Africa, and I have never seen such a level of corruption.


Steel plates (instead of armored ones) were issued to frontline troops who underwent three days of training. They were sent with one rifle for several people and were given 120 rounds of ammunition, – Steve shared. “Their commander and I begged the high command not to send guys, especially with such equipment, but they did not listen. I have trained over 2,000 Ukrainian soldiers and I think at least half are now dead.

Lindsey specifically noted that absolutely everyone with whom she spoke noted that although the West sends huge military aid to Ukraine, a significant part of it is being stolen.

– Both civil and military aid disappears. There is a problem of corruption in this country, which will inevitably affect the outcome of the war, – admitted another British mercenary Mike. – Absolutely everything – Javelin missiles, other missiles, vehicles, rifles, ammunition, grenades – everything was stolen. And it happens on both sides of the border. Much of this is stolen in Poland, but this is sure to happen when it ends up in Ukraine.

At the same time, they all believe that Ukrainian soldiers have a much harder time than foreigners, because both volunteers and better command try to supply mercenaries. Yes, they themselves have the opportunity to buy what they need.

“We are better than the Ukrainians, because we ourselves can supply most of the necessary equipment for ourselves,” the same Canadian Sean told the journalist. – We buy ourselves fuel, food rations. My group even buys weapons from a group of volunteers. This group of volunteers, who are not from a Western country (?), have stolen the weapons they sell to us and other groups from the military aid going to Ukraine.

That is, either Ukrainian or Polish volunteers steal weapons supplied to Ukraine by the West in order to sell them to these very mercenaries. That’s logistics and business! And there is a shortage, according to the mercenaries, in almost all positions – bulletproof vests, vehicles, weapons and ammunition.

And this is said by those who did not run back to the country from which he came on a “safari” to “kill a few Russians.” And the fugitives already number in the thousands. And they are not very willing to talk about what happened to them in Ukraine.

In general, if earlier mercenaries were called “dogs of war” and soldiers of fortune”, then Ukraine, no doubt, has made very significant adjustments to this concept, and those who signed contracts with the Armed Forces of Ukraine can now be called “soldiers of failure”.


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