Results of 2022: Sales of new passenger cars in Russia fell by almost 60%

The biggest failure in the car market was in May, and then slowly began to recover

The biggest failure in the car market was in May, and then slowly began to recover

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Over the past year, sales of new passenger cars have more than halved. In 2022, 626,281 cars were sold, which is 58.7% less than a year earlier – such data were heard on an online RAM, which was conducted on January 12 by an analytical agency “Autostat”. At the same time, agency experts recalled that the biggest failure in the car market was in May, and then recovery began slowly. So in November, the market added 19%, and in December – another 10%.

Sales of premium-class cars fell especially noticeably.

– If usually the premium segment is 10 percent of the market, then by the end of 2022 its share has decreased to 3 percent, and for the whole year it was 7 percent, – said the CEO of Avtostat Sergei Tselikov.

Due to the fall in demand for expensive cars, among which a significant part are SUVs running on diesel, the share of cars running on this type of fuel has also decreased. But the share of electric cars has doubled, although their presence is barely noticeable – at the end of the year, despite a two-fold increase, it amounted to only 1% of the total number of cars.

The main “drive” enters the used car market – almost 4.9 million units were sold this year (-19% by 2021). The secret of popularity is simple: if the average bill for a new car was 2.33 million rubles, then the used one went for 0.89 million rubles. True, cars with mileage over the past year have risen in price more than new ones: by 32% and 17%, respectively.

Another trend is that buyers have become more tolerant of the age of the car. And if earlier car dealers brought cars from abroad or accepted cars for sale from car owners, as a rule, not older than 7 years, now top European brands released in 2010 are also in use. They are considered a good alternative to new domestic or Chinese vehicles. True, there is a large range of prices on the used car market – according to the author’s observations, up to 40%. According to Tselikov, the cars exhibited back in March are still on sale. Their prices are much higher than market prices, but sellers hope that the time will come, used cars will continue to rise in price, and there will be a buyer for such goods. However, another trend in 2022 is working against this forecast – parallel imports of top automotive brands, mainly made in China, are growing.


Brand, quantity, pcs. and change by 2021,%.

LADA 174688 -48.2

Kia 65691-67

Hyundai 54017-66

Renault 40844 -68.7

Chery 39256-2

Haval 34128-7.1

Toyota 28596 -70.1

Geely 26694 +8.4

Skoda 20354 -76.9

Volkswagen 19614 -77.2

Source: Autostat


Car, quantity, pcs.

December 2022

LADA Granta 12107

Chery Tigo 7 PRO 3804

LADA Niva Travel 3572

LADA Niva Legend 2578

Geely Coolray 2453

December 2021

LADA Vesta 10487

Kia Rio 6666

LADA Granta 6320

Hyundai Solaris 5379

Hyundai Creta 5145

Source: Autostat


Country, Dec. 2021 and Dec. 2022 (%)

Russia 21.1 37

China 9.8 37

Korea 21.9 11.2

Europe 28.3 7.3

Japan 17.9 6.6

USA 1.1 0.9

Source: Autostat

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