Resistance movement “Yellow Ribbon” collects information about the places where the Russian invaders rest

The resistance movement “Yellow Ribbon” collects for a fee information about the places where the Russian invaders rest in Kherson – restaurants, cafes.

According to Ukrinform, this movement was reported in Telegram.

“Rashists will go to celebrate in cafes, restaurants, parks to drink vodka and eat cabbage soup,” the message says.

Residents of Kherson urge to inform for a fee about the locations where the invaders rest.

As Ukrinform reported, Yellow Ribbon is offering a fee for information about the invaders’ activities in Kherson.

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Deputy of the Kherson Regional Council Sergey Khlan said that the Russian invaders and collaborators are announcing a “public forum” “We are together with Russia” in Kherson.

Resistance movement “Yellow Ribbon” begins an indefinite protest against the “referendum” in the occupied territories.

The Kherson regional council called on the inhabitants of the region not to take part in the creation by the Russian invaders of the picture of preparations for the “referendum”.

In the occupied territory of the Kherson region, the aggressor did not abandon plans to hold a referendum, Russian political technologists arrived here.

Kherson collaborator Stremousov stated that the region is already preparing for a referendum on joining Russia and even announced its result.

In the Kherson region, peaceful resistance has continued since the beginning of the Russian invasion, it has not stopped, but has been transformed as the occupation regime becomes more and more brutal.

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