Residents of Mariupol can now use a round-the-clock ATM

The first street round-the-clock ATM of the Central Republican Bank (CRB) appeared in Mariupol after the liberation of the city from Ukrainian troops. According to the mayor of the city Konstantin Ivashchenko, the appearance of the device on the street is a very important event for the residents. Indeed, during working hours, not everyone has time to drop into the bank. And sometimes it is very necessary to withdraw money from the account or put it there.

– I work all day in the hospital for one and a half rates. Plus night shifts. My salary comes to the CRH card – and how can I withdraw it? Now there is a round-the-clock ATM, and it will be easier, – Mariupol therapist Svetlana Kharchenko rejoices.

The ATM is located near the bank building at the address: Lenina Avenue, 85A. Landmark – Communication House. The branch itself is open from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 to 16.00. Break from 13.00 to 14.00.

Here you can open an account for an individual or legal entity, get a pension or payment card. Enterprises can join the payroll card project. Also here you can exchange currency at the rate set by the state.

By the way, earlier street ATMs were also installed in Volnovakha, Mangush and Volodarsky.

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