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Voters in the US state of Kansas have unequivocally spoken out against a possible ban on abortion. During a referendum there on Wednesday, August 3, on the preservation of the right to artificial termination of pregnancy, the first such vote in the country since the decision of the US Supreme Court in June abolish federal guarantees for the right to abortion, the people of Kansas voted by a majority to ensure that abortion remains part of the constitution of this state. It is currently legal in Kansas to terminate a pregnancy up to the 22nd week of pregnancy.

Hours after the polls closed, local media reported that about 60 percent voted to keep the relevant paragraph. Per constitutional amendment 39 percent spoke. The results of the vote will uphold a 2019 Kansas Supreme Court decision that granted residents the right to abortion in accordance with the state constitution.

An important indicator for residents of neighboring states

Kansas, which traditionally specializes in agriculture, is considered a conservative state. In the 2020 presidential election, Republican Donald Trump received 56 percent of the vote there. The governor is Democrat Laura Kelly. 29 out of 40 senators and 86 out of 125 members of the House of Representatives are Republicans. And voting results in Kansas are seen as an important indicator for residents of neighboring states. In November, referendums on the right to artificial termination of pregnancy slated for California, Vermont, Michigan, and Kentucky.

According to the New York Times, ten US states have already banned abortion since the Supreme Court ruling in June. Four states ban abortion after the sixth week of pregnancy. Family planning organizations expect about half of the states to ban or severely restrict abortion. Without a constitutional amendment, Kansas would not be able to join such states.

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