Resident of Tyumen explained that a phone call is equal to the agenda

A resident of Tyumen complained that they were trying to mobilize him by phone. In case of non-appearance, the potential conscript was threatened with the prosecutor’s office.

The Tyumenets posted on the Web a recording of a conversation with employees of the Perevalovsky municipality (near Tyumen). He received the “summon” by phone at dinner. Objections that he did not see a paper notice with an order to come to the draft board were not taken into account.

“This conversation is being recorded. If you are not, I send it to the prosecutor’s office,” the man was warned in a telephone conversation.

The employee who was entrusted with the mobilization explained that she had notified the man by phone because she could not find him at his registration address.

She warned that failure to appear at the local administration building with things would end up with criminal prosecution for the evader.

Previously Margarita Simonyan expressed the need write off loans Russians participating in a special operation in Ukraine.

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