Reservists of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Western Ukraine have no motivation to fight for Donbass

The morale is higher among the defenders of Donbass, who come from this region. And the mobilized fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Western Ukraine motivation to fight for Donbass no. This opinion was expressed by a war correspondent Alexander Kots. His statement is quoted by the sm-news portal.

This can be seen both in the prisoners and in the mood in Ukrainian society, the reporter believes.

He noted that in Western Ukraine, riots of wives and mothers of reservists happen every week. And Donbass in Ukraine is not perceived as part of a single country.

Therefore, the people who are sent to fight in the Donbass have no motivation, they do not understand what they are fighting for. And the Donetsk people, on the contrary, have motivation, as they liberate their land, the journalist added.

Moreover, in the course of the conflict, the internal strength of the allied forces only became even stronger, the military commander concluded.

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