Relatives are shaking from the results of the autopsy of Yura Shatunov

A photo: Ivan MAKEEV

Very soon it will be 40 days from the moment the singer died Yuri Shatunov. He found his last shelter at the Troekurovsky cemetery in Moscow. Meanwhile, until recently, doctors did not disclose the results of the autopsy. idol of the 90s. And when the relatives found out the verdict of the doctors, they could not contain their emotions.

Death Yuri Shatunov for many it was a tragedy. By deceased singer not only relatives and relatives mourn, but also his many admirers.

Ex-soloist of the group “Tender May” died of a massive heart attack. Shatunov was cremated. And one of these days the results of the forensic examination. “An autopsy was done – I have all the results. If there was something wrong, no one would have allowed us to bury him,” said celebrity assistant Arkady Kudryashov.

He recalled that Yura was cremated based on his last will. The vocalist asked relatives to burn his body and scatter the ashes if something happened to him.

Kudryashov stressed that performer of the hit “White Roses” there were no congenital heart problems. Shatunov suffered from stomach ulcers all his life. But at the autopsy, doctors found a pathology in the singer. “At autopsy, the doctors said that the plaque was fresh. – a maximum of a year and a half. There was nothing congenital,” he quotes PROstars singer’s assistant

From the results of the autopsy, relatives are literally shaking. It turns out, Shatunov could have been savedIf only he had taken better care of his health. “Everything happened suddenly. There were no symptoms, no complaints either. Yura was ill with bronchitis in a mild form. Therefore, he developed weakness. We attributed this to illness and the fact that he had been on tour for a long time. Yura did not complain. , passed in a latent form. Doctors say that this is fate, “summed up Kudryashov.

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