Regragui: “They gave us a 0.01% chance of winning and here we are”

Doha, Dec 13 The Morocco coach, Walid Regragui, continues his crusade against the statistics and on the eve of playing against France the pass to the World Cup final in Qatar maintains that they can “give a surprise” against the “best team in the world”, which he intends break “with fervor and collective spirit”.

“We’re still hungry and we’re not tired,” says the coach as a warning to those who consider that Morocco arrives more fatigued than France and with their homework already done.

The coach, a true revelation of the tournament, believes that it is no longer useful to look at the statistics anymore, because “they have failed.” “At the beginning of the competition they gave us a 0.01% chance of winning. Now I suppose they will give us more. We are going to throw those statistics to the ground,” jokes Regragui, who nevertheless believes that it would be “a leap backwards” to settle for the achieved.

“I am looking for a profound change in mentality. If we are satisfied with the semifinal, we will not have broken that border. We are here to win the World Cup. It may seem crazy, but it is what we are looking for,” said this Franco-Moroccan who, he says, has sought in the values ​​of the Arab world tools to seek victory.

In particular, the family, on which part of his performance is based. The players are in Qatar accompanied by their wives and parents and that strength, says the coach, is transmitted on the field, where they all play for the same cause.

This context has also served to assimilate in the same project many Moroccans from the diaspora, who were successful in Europe and who have decided to defend the colors of their country. “When you’re in the national team, you’re Moroccan. I don’t look at where one or the other was born,” he says.

Among them stands out the defender Achraff Hakimi, born in Spain and who will face Kylian Mbappé, his teammate at PSG.

“Nobody knows him better than him, who trains by his side every day and knows what kind of player he is. We are not going to make a special device against Kylian because unfortunately for us they don’t only have Kylian. They tempt Griezmann, who is very dangerous, or to Dembelé, that is the perfect complement of Mbappé by the other band”, said.

“But it is going to be an interesting duel, they are two champions who are not going to make concessions. We do not focus only on Kylian, we are going to try to create problems for them. But Achraff will be at 200 percent to overcome his friend,” he said.

Regragui rejected criticism that Morocco is a very defensive team and criticized “the dogma of possession of the ball, which is useless if you then only shoot twice on goal.”

“I think that the one who has understood it best is the coach of our rival tomorrow (Didier Deschamps) who knows how to adapt his game to the circumstances. The ‘tiki taka’ can be fine if you have players like Bernardo Silva. But I think possession it is useless if you don’t score. We are here to win. If France gives us the ball we will take it, but I don’t think they will give it to us”, he said.

The Moroccan coach knows that they will play “at home” with the support of most of the fans, he considered the Moroccans “the best fans in the world, on a par with the Argentines or the Brazilians, who leave a fortune to support his country”.

But he knows that he will also have the support of other nationalities because his goal is to “put Africa on top of the world” and because they will also carry the flag of the Arab world.

“We do not want to waste this opportunity. I do not want this debate to be repeated in 30 years, that they ask us the same questions. We are here to mark territory,” he said. EFE


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