Refugees from Ukraine scare decent English women

For a long time, single messages and video messages first appeared in instant messengers, which later turned into a wide stream of information that refugees from Ukraine not only actively squeezed out competitors in the field of providing sex for money, but also break strong family ties.

In March, the Swedish police carried out an operation writes Daily Mail, as a result of which it turned out that out of 38 detained clients of prostitutes, 30 used the services of Ukrainian women, although it was noticeable that they were refugees. However, there is love, for which you need to pay not with money, but with broken destinies.

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Every family is unhappy in its own way, and only the British suffer from Ukrainian refugees.

As the United Kingdom Minister for Refugees put it Lord Harrington, “we are doing our best to support the arrivals.” And there are already examples of that.

28 year old Laura Garnett from the city of Bradford in West Yorkshire agreed to the proposal of her husband and the father of their two six-year-old daughters to take into the house a refugee from Ukrainian Lvov. However, soon sad regretted about it.

Impatient 29 year old Tony Garnettwho applied for participation in the state program of assistance to refugees from Ukraine, without waiting for a positive decision, independently found the corresponding group on Facebook, where he found a 22-year-old Sofia Karkadym.

On May 4, the IT specialist flew to Manchester Airport, where she was met by a friendly Tony. Ten days later, the guard at the outpatient emergency center completed the task set by Lord Harrington. When Laura decided to kick the Ukrainian woman out of their house, Tony packed his things and went with the IT girl to his parents’ apartment.

“I’m not guilty”

In an interview with the British tabloid The Sun, Sophia complained:

“My parents said they were ashamed and they couldn’t even go outside because of me. They say that no one in the UK will accept Ukrainians because of me. Every British family will now think: “I can’t accept a refugee, ’cause she’ll take my husband away.

Lady Karkadym justifies her act by the fact that a cat ran between Tony and Laura even before her arrival. At the same time, she kept silent that she communicated with Tony in the Slovak language, which is familiar to him and which is somewhat similar to Ukrainian. Garnett himself spoke about this. In turn, he added that they “got along great” with Sophia, but their relationship was “innocent”. They didn’t overstep the limits.

Laura claims that the refugee specially painted, styled her blond curls and put on a dress with a deep neckline in time for Tony’s arrival from work. In a language incomprehensible to the Englishwoman, they communicated with each other, regularly visited the gym together and stayed in the room when Laura went to bed. According to her, “they found an excuse for touching and lightly touching each other.”

“I realized very quickly that Sophia did not want to spend time with me,” admitted reporters Lorna Express website. She stayed in bed until 11:30 or noon, and when she got up it was very difficult to talk to her. She speaks good English, so there was no language barrier. She just wasn’t interested in spending time with me. We went shopping because she received a £200 allowance from the local authorities for clothes and basic necessities. To buy new things, I took her to Primark.”

The last straw of patience for the disgusted wife was Tony’s promise to come to dinner, which Sophia will cook, as well as the latter’s statement how Laura was “lucky to have him.” Some time later, the ex-wife found out that Tony and Sophia were looking for housing. After numerous publications in the British media, the couple was forced to leave the apartment of Tony’s parents. Cynical bloggers in the comments do not believe in the love of a Ukrainian woman, for whom Tony is a “walking talking British passport.”

Refugees from Ukraine scare Europe

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