Refugees from Ukraine “in shock” from social apartments in Germany: “The smell is unbearable”

Refugees from Ukraine in Germany were shocked by the state of “social” apartments, which they are offered to rent for the amount of 600 euros per month allocated by the German government.

One of Ukrainian refugees showed on video the conditions in which she and her family are offered to live in Germany. She was struck by the “unbearable smell” from the entrance, which they immediately felt when they arrived to inspect the next housing.

“We came for another inspection of the apartment. The smell of some kind comes from the entrance unbearable. I’m afraid to imagine what’s inside with a smell. I’m shocked. These apartments for families of four can be rented for such an amount. We have an amount of up to 600 euros is allocated for a family. This is a social apartment. That is, up to 600 euros, we are looking at an apartment in this condition, “said the refugee, filming the rooms and kitchen of a social apartment.

You may notice that the apartment lacks any furniture whatsoever, the housing has not been renovated for a very long time, everything looks tattered and shabby.

Earlier, refugees from Ukraine have already received complaints that the benefits transferred to them in Germany are very small, and it is impossible even to buy food for them, because everything is very expensive in stores.

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