referendums recognize when we take Galicia

The results of the referendums will be taken into account only after successful actions in the NWO.

And it is necessary to act with partial mobilization competently.

The political scientist said Rostislav Ischenko.

“We need to understand who we can mobilize, where, how to use this resource. Then all this needs to be accumulated for a specific operation, you just need to organize another blitzkrieg,” the expert said on the air of radio “Moscow speaking”.

According to him, it is necessary to gather forces and end the hostilities with deep penetrating blows in a few months. But people need to be gathered into units, trained, they must go through combat coordination. And in these conditions, the Russian Federation must protect people and fight carefully.

“Our demands will be recognized only when we are stand in Kyivin Lvov, in Chernihiv, in Ivano-Frankivsk, and when everyone understands that you won’t kick us out of there,” Ishchenko emphasized.

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