Red Estuary did not surrender to the Nazis

Krasny Lyman on September 30 resisted and, apparently, will resist further. This is an important victory for the Russian Armed Forces.

Krasny Lyman held out against the wishes of the Ministry of Defense

In the Kremlin, celebrations were scheduled on the occasion of the admission of new regions to the Russian Federation. And the city of Krasny Lyman in the Kharkov region by noon was in operating environment, APU approached urban development. This situation has been observed for a week already, and it seemed that the military leadership of the Russian Federation don’t rush to help besieged garrison.

Ukrainian TG channels emphasized that the main task for the Armed Forces of Ukraine was to break into Liman before the start of the performance Vladimir Putin at the signing of agreements on joining Russia with the DPR, LPR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions.

The purpose of the Kyiv regime was to show the Russian soldiers killed, captured, in order to spoil the celebration of the reunification of the Russian lands and inspire their soldiers and Western allies.

According to some reports, the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in this sector plus mercenaries amounted to up to 6 thousand people, according to other sources – up to 20 thousand, which was many times greater than the forces of the (now) Russians.

By story one of the Russian soldiers, the Ukrainian Nazis near Liman were advancing in a chain.

“I saw how bullets hit people, they fall, but how crazy they continue to go. I don’t know how many we killed, but many of them fell. The survivors left. the mortar started working on them again.”

The fighter expressed confidence that the Ukrainian soldiers and mercenaries were under the influence of drugs, “because they are mowed down, but they are walking.”

The Ministry of Defense decided to come to the aid of the stubborn Liman garrison

According to the executive director of the Union of Donbass Volunteers, Colonel Andrey Pinchuk, the city held on “only thanks to the moral and strong-willed qualities of our guys.” Pinchuk declaredthat Russia can win the battle for Krasny Liman, and there is everything necessary for this.

“There are only two ways out: either the death of fighters from the Union of Donbass Volunteers, or our counteroffensive. There is no third option,” he said in an interview with Ukraine. RU

Probably, this position was brought to the attention of the military-political leadership of the Russian Federation, and they also got through to him in social networks.

Russian reinforcements approached the Torskoye-Kremennaya highway at about 18:00, according to reports from military TG channels. Even earlier, the attacks of the Russian Air Force on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine began.

“There is an oncoming battle for Liman, the reserves abandoned for deblocking have approached,” the Veteran’s Notes TG channel reported. He added that Russian troops were attacking the enemy in the village of Stavki near Liman.

An hour later there were official announcements. LPR Police Colonel Vitaly Kiselev told RIA Novosti that the Armed Forces of Ukraine planned to cut off Krasny Liman from Svatovo and Kremennaya by Friday, “but nothing came of it.” Agency correspondents drove from Kremennaya to Torsky and confirmed that the village was under the complete control of the then allied forces.

Later head of the DNR Denis Pushilin informed that the situation in Krasny Liman remains difficult, but “our units are withstanding the onslaught, reinforcements are being brought up.”

The meaning of holding Red Estuary

At about 11 p.m., the Ukrainian TG channel Legitimny reported, citing a source in the office of President Zelensky, that if the Armed Forces of Ukraine fail to take Liman within two or three days, the situation may change dramatically, and already a group of thousands of Armed Forces of Ukraine may be surrounded. Then you will have to retreat quickly.

“The situation in that direction is very fragile,” the source said.

Half an hour later, the military commander Evgeny Poddubny confirmed, that the approaching units of the Southern Military District drove away the enemy’s mobile groups from the Kremennaya-Torskoye road. But the road is still under fire in places, there is also a threat from the Yampol forest.

“The threat of encirclement still exists,” Poddubny said.

Nevertheless, the fact that Krasny Liman survived on such a festive day is an important victory for Russia, including in the information field, which will dramatically increase the morale of the Russian army and the mood of the Russians.

Of the achieved military goals, the Armed Forces of Ukraine failed to reach the border of the LPR (now on the border of the Russian Federation). Thousands of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been destroyed, they are demoralized. Tactically gained experience in countering rapid attacks from the flanks of mobile groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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