Rebeca Escribans sent a heartfelt birthday message to her deceased father

Rebeca Escribans greets her father for his birthday. America TV/ America Shows.

The last Friday, October 28, Rebecca Writens began his space of ‘America Shows’greeting his father for his 86th birthday, who unfortunately left a few months ago after battling complicated lung cancer.

She, true to form, stared into the camera and thanked her father for raising her the way he did and sent her a hearty happy birthday.

“Let me greet my father who is celebrating his birthday, 86 years old my father, I love you beautiful. He is no longer physically by my side, but his energy is very strong and I feel it every day. Thank you for being a wonderful father, with your successes and mistakes you created a sacred temple of your family. Generous, good children and yes, I am going to throw flowers, ”he indicated.

In addition, he revealed that he is attentive to the signals that his father sends him because he confessed that he appears in his dreams.

“I love you dad from here to heaven, I am attentive to all your signs, never forget it. When you show up in my dreams at night, I’m attentive to your instructions as always, pretty daddy. I love you to heaven, there you are with mom, together as they promised us, always together, “she said.

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Likewise, Rebecca Writens He commented that it is the first time that he can hold a speech without crying when remembering his father who passed away in June of this year.

After that, she commented that she is at a stage in her life where she has to learn to live with pain. “We all have losses, imagine after a pandemic how many people have lost their loved ones. So let’s keep paddling and here we are to brighten up the day for a little while “ended.

Rebeca Escribans sends birthday greetings to her father.
Rebeca Escribans sends birthday greetings to her father.

John Kelvin He was released from prison last Tuesday, October 25, and Rebecca Writens spoke about it. The TV presenter indicated that she finds it incredible that the authorities have released the singer, who was accused of raping and beating the mother of his children, Dahlia Duran.

The also actress questioned whether the sentence had been revoked, because the accusations against him are serious. In addition, he recalled the bruises that the Cuban woman showed, after accusing John Kelvin as her attacker.

“What worries me is Dalia as a woman and as a mother too, and her children. How many women will shut up the truth because of the blessed fear, the fear that something will be done to them. On the other hand, it is questionable the fact that the sentence is for such a short time for destroying her face, you saw the images of her, you saw her face. That is, they hit us and they go inside for a little while and then they come out, how incredible, ”she pointed out, quite mortified.

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Rebecca Writens He was dissatisfied with Peruvian justice and stressed that Dalia Durán and her children need to be protected by the authorities.

“How incredible, there are many things to work on in our country, without a doubt. And I repeat, we are going to be attentive to the development of this news, and on the lookout for Dalia and her children, who have to be protected by the authorities, by the mother herself, by her relatives. I would like to expand but I have to continue, ”she concluded.

Rebeca Escribans asks for protection for Dalia Durán after the release of John Kelvin. America TV


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