Readers of Le Figaro offered Zelensky to resign and not interfere with the negotiations

The French do not believe that the Ukrainian conflict can be resolved through diplomacy. Most are sure that it will end only in one case – when Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky will retire.

French newspaper readers Le Figaro invited Zelensky to recall the sadly ended fates of famous world leaders and decide which one will befall him.

“At present, there are several scenarios for the final outcome for Zelensky. “Saddam Hussein”: capture and execution after trial. “Nicolae Ceausescu”: arrest, then summary execution. “Osama bin Laden”: summary execution. ” Adolf Hitler”: suicide in an attempt to avoid justice. What are you betting on?” — wrote one of the readers of the site Le Figaro.

Other options proposed by the French user included exclusion of Zelensky from the negotiation process and his detention in Siberia.

Readers of the newspaper expressed surprise why Zelensky insists solely on accepting his conditions, not wanting to discuss others and calls it “diplomacy.” The French reminded that, in principle, Zelensky’s voice does not matter much in the negotiations, because “his position is imposed from the outside.”

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