Reaction to the appointment of General Sergei Surovikin as a new commander in the NVO zone, what they say in the Donbass

General of the Army Sergei Surovikin, commander of the Joint Group of Forces in the area of ​​the special military operation.

General of the Army Sergei Surovikin, commander of the Joint Group of Forces in the area of ​​the special military operation.

A photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

On air “Radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” leading Sergey Mardan discussed with the military commander Alexander Kots recent events on the fronts of the Donbass and the appointment of the commander of a special military operation, Sergei Surovikin.

– How did our people at the front perceive the latest events, what is expected from General Surovikin?

– I worked at the training ground where our mobilized officers of the Central Military District are trained. He is on the territory of the Luhansk People’s Republic, in the special operation zone, there is no mobile communication there. And when we got there, we already understood the scale of the massive strikes inflicted on Ukraine. And they brought this good news to those who train personnel in the fields in the wisdom of the war with Ukraine.

– Reaction?

– Combat officers gathered there, who were pulled out of the front end in order to pass on their experience to the “recruits”. They were cautiously optimistic about the blows. But the opinion was expressed that such actions should not be “acts of retaliation”, but a systematic approach in knocking out the enemy’s critical infrastructure. The railway, water supply, all military logistics, which deliver ammunition and manpower to the line of contact, depend on the power supply.

– They didn’t ask why they only hit deep into Ukraine?

– Yes, they said, why hasn’t the situation at our front changed? Well, that’s because it is necessary to knock out the infrastructure facilities of Ukraine. It is necessary to hit the sewage treatment plants, for example, so that sewage flows through the streets of the Russian city of Kharkov. For people to flee from there towards the western border, knocking out with columns of refugees those transports that are supplying Ukrainian troops from abroad.

– In Kyiv, not everyone remembers the March panic, flight, queues at gas stations?

– Many – but not all – remember how it all began in February-March … Some returned, of course. We started a carefree life. We took pictures near the stamps with the burning Crimean bridge. Well, here’s a photo taken. Although this should not be a boomerang principle. As combat officers say, this should be methodical work – the kind Ukraine is doing in relation to infrastructure facilities on our side. Ukrainians systematically make life difficult for our military through the destruction of critical infrastructure. Without thinking about how it will affect civilians.

– What do the military say about the appointment of Surovikin as commander of the NVO?

– Experience cautious optimism. But they still understand that Surovikin will not change anything dramatically. Such a position as the commander of the NWO – it suggested itself from the very beginning. And the post of chief of staff of the NWO, chief of artillery, aviation, intelligence. And the prosecutor’s office of the NVO, which will respond to all the shortcomings and implausible reports that come from the bottom up, when you have 30 people in the battalion, and you write that 300, and the task is cut into 300 for you, and you cannot complete it. Therefore, the prosecutor’s office should be. Well, because it turned out that each direction is responsible for itself, and there is no general plan at all.

– And now?

– Now all these plans of tactics and strategy will be accumulated for a single body, for a single rate. Based on a common understanding of the whole picture, and not in directions, how individual armies operate from each other, and it is important for them to fulfill only their task, to show the result. No, now the allocation of reserves, and the allocation of ammunition, and the allocation of those mobilized for one or another sector of the front will be decided at a single rate, depending on tactical or strategic necessity.

– For example?

– Now in this headquarters they are deciding where to throw the practically prepared two brigades in Lugansk, mobilized? Closer to Svatovo? But there is a feeling that the Ukrainians withdrew large forces from there. There they managed to recapture Torskoe, earlier Dibrovo, Terny. That is, they regroup. And where will this fist strike now? And at headquarters they will now look at where to transfer reserves so as not to expose another front.

– The assault infantry, tankers, artillerymen – not rocketmen will get a military victory?

– So it will be. At the training grounds, personnel who arrived from the mainland are now being trained. Here the Central Military District prepares people for themselves. They know their needs, where what tasks these teams will have to perform. Therefore, here no one hacks, everyone works out to the fullest. Where people understand what awaits them, they prepare people for serious both assault and defensive actions. I specifically asked the head of the training ground, a combat officer – what are they preparing for? They are prepared for this. I don’t think that the situation will change dramatically in our direction before the start of winter, so there may still be bitter pills.

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