Rapper Eldzhey after a divorce from Nastya Ivleeva is mired in debt

Aljay has been unable to pay his tax debts for about a year now.

Aljay has been unable to pay his tax debts for about a year now.


Where is he today aljaythat once blew up the dance floors with tracks about ripped jeans and rose wine? It seems that only the ex-wife Nastya Ivleeva knows the answer to this question. The rapper has not appeared in public and on the music charts for a long time, but the other day he flashed in the new vlog of his ex-wife. The couple celebrated their third wedding anniversary (yes, a year after the divorce), and also arranged a room tour of the musician’s new apartment.

Aljay’s bachelor lair turned out to be decorated in a loft style: red brick walls, dark colors, spectacular lighting, minimalism in details. The rapper arranged for himself a home cinema, a game room where he plays into a console, and a spacious dressing room. Everything, as befits a star, is expensive and rich.

Ivleeva and Eldzhey broke up a year ago.

Ivleeva and Eldzhey broke up a year ago.

A photo: Personal page of the hero of the publication in the social network

– I didn’t think that someone could surpass my apartment in Khamovniki! – whistled Ivleeva, going around the apartment of her ex-husband.

However, splurge for the heroes of show business is as natural as taking a breath. But on paper, their affairs sometimes do not go so brilliantly. For example, as the website found out, Eljey has been unable to pay a tax debt of 1 million 160 thousand rubles for about a year. And recently this figure has increased by another 210 thousand – this is the amount of unpaid insurance premiums for IE Uzenyuk (Eldzhey’s real name is Alexey Uzenyuk). In total, the rapper has accumulated debts of 1 million 370 thousand rubles.

It seems that the divorce for the musician ended much worse than for his famous blogger wife. So, for example, Ivleeva was left with their common house in the Moscow region for 50 million rubles. bought in the first wave of coronavirus, as well as most of luxury car fleet from luxury cars.

Meanwhile, non-payment of taxes threatens the famous debtor with big troubles. He can be charged penalties for each day of delay, banned from leaving the country, frozen bank accounts and even seized property.


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