Ranking of HBO Max in Argentina: these are the favorite movies of the moment

Argentina became an important springboard for the streaming company.  (Infobae)
Argentina became an important springboard for the streaming company. (Infobae)

The first film screening in history took place on December 28, 1895 in Paris, a historic event that was witnessed by 35 people and directed by the Lumière brothers. In the new millennium, far away from that time, The way of making and watching movies has been totally transformed, proof of this is HBO Max.

In comparison, now it is not necessary to go to a square or to the cinema to enjoy the filmsbecause with the advancement of technology and the arrival of streaming platforms, there have been many advantages that movie lovers have obtained, like the fact of enjoying different plots and genres within reach of a click and no need to wonder how to download a video from Facebook.

Currently there are not only 500 one-minute films available, as in those days, but HBO Max and its competitors have a extensive catalog of productions, so the dilemma now is what titles to watch.

However, in this wave of novelties there are films that have managed to stand out and position themselves in the public’s taste. Next we leave you the list of the most popular of HBO Max Argentina.

1. Bullet Train

Five hit men find themselves aboard a bullet train traveling from Tokyo to Morioka with a few stops in between. They discover that their missions are not unrelated to each other. The question is who will get off the train alive and what awaits them at the final station.

two. Deadly Storm (infinite Storm)

One woman’s journey of self-discovery becomes a harrowing story of survival.

3. The Fallout

Vada is a teenager who tries to overcome the side effects she suffers after experiencing a tragedy at her high school. After this experience, her relationship with her family and her friends, as well as her way of seeing the world, will be changed forever.

Four. Black Adam: Hero or Villain?

Ahead of the release of upcoming fantasy film ‘Black Adam’, he sits down with Dwayne Johnson as he discusses his starring role as the eponymous superhero.

5. cube

Six people, unknown to each other, wake up one day and find themselves trapped in a strange and surreal prison, in a maze with endless cubic rooms equipped with deadly traps. Among them there is a policeman, a professional thief, a prodigious math student and a young autistic man. This whimsical mix of personalities is not without its perversion. None of them knows why or how he got there, why he is imprisoned, but immediately the obsession will arise in this group to flee, to plan a way out of such a horrible prison. Meanwhile, several unanswered questions: who could have created this devilish labyrinth and why? Who has locked them in it and for what purpose?

6. A Hollywood Christmas

Jessica is dedicated to directing Christmas movies with all its classic ingredients and at one point, when she meets someone and things go wrong, she begins to experience first-hand all those ingredients that she has talked about in her movies millions of times.

7. Uncharted

A descendant of explorer Sir Francis Drake discovers the location of the legendary city of El Dorado. With the help of his mentor Victor Sullivan and the ambitious journalist Elena Fischer, Nathan Drake will work to discover its secrets, while surviving on an island full of pirates, mercenaries and a mysterious enemy, they will embark on an unprecedented quest to reach the treasure before than his pursuers. Adaptation of the acclaimed video game of the same name.

8. flipped

The year is 1957. Juli and Bryce, two seemingly very different seven-year-old boys, are neighbors and classmates. Juli falls in love with Bryce, but he doesn’t feel the same way and for six years he will try to avoid her. When, in 1963, as teenagers, they go to high school, things change: Bryce begins to look at Juli with different eyes.

9. Dune

The son of a noble family tries to avenge his father’s death while also saving a planet rich in spices that he is tasked with protecting. New film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novels, which were already transferred to the big screen by David Lynch in 1984.

10. Mortal Kombat

A failed boxer discovers a family secret that leads him to a mystical tournament called Mortal Kombat where he meets a group of warriors fighting to the death to save the kingdoms from the evil sorcerer Shang Tsung.

*Some titles may be repeated in the ranking because they are different episodes or seasons, likewise, they may not have a description because the platform does not provide them.

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Since it emerged, the HBO Max platform has become one of the most important in the battle for streaming.  (Infobae File)
Since it emerged, the HBO Max platform has become one of the most important in the battle for streaming. (Infobae File)

HBO Max is a subscription television network that emerged in the United States also known as Home Box Office, which is owned by WarnerMedia, through which you can find movies and series.

Between the most prominent titles of own production are the sopranos, The Wire, six feet under, Band of Brothers, The Pacific, sex and the city, True Blood, Curb your enthusiasm Y game of Thrones.

Likewise, you have partial rights to films which have been produced by Sony Pictures Entertainment, as well as some by The Walt Disney Company and Universal Studios.

In Latin America you can also enjoy other channels such as HBO 2, HBO+, HBO Family, HBO Xtreme and Cinemax, among others.

HBO It was the first cable and satellite channel Created as a television station for non-terrestrial transmission, it was in 1965 when cable pioneer Charles Francis Dolan won the franchise to build a cable system in Lower Manhattan.

Instead of hanging the cable on the telephone poles, it was decided to put the cable under the streets of manhattansince the signal could be blocked by the big buildings and skyscrapers in the city.

In December 2010, the channel had 28.6 million subscribers in the United States, becoming the most important cable television network in that country. Then it began its expansion to other countries, including: Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, among others, for a total of 150 nations.


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