Rafael López Aliaga indicated that he could give 200 soles for people to become table members despite being prohibited

The candidate for mayor of Lima stated that he could provide up to S/.200.00 soles as an incentive for members to vote. (Video: ATV)

Until now, the polling stations have not been installed 100% in Lima and the provinces, a fact that has unleashed some incidents in different polling places where some people mentioned that not even the voters want to collaborate. Faced with this fact, some candidates offered amounts of money to encourage the participation of Peruvians and one of them was Rafael Lopez Aliaga.

One of the incidents occurred at the Isabel La Católica school, where the personnel of the National Police of Peru (PNP) began to record the data of the voters who refused to collaborate with the installation of the table so that they would later pay the corresponding fine, as indicated by the law of the National Election Jury (JNE).

During the first hours of the beginning of the votethe candidate was giving statements to the media and urged citizens to fulfill their duty as a polling station member.

Rafael López Aliaga does not trust the results of the JNE.  (Facebook)
Rafael López Aliaga does not trust the results of the JNE. (Facebook)

In addition, he did not hesitate to mention that he could act just like he did in the 2021 presidential electionwhere he gave an incentive of S/200 soles for young people to install the table and start the vote.

Let us remember that the absence of polling station members has been a constant since past elections; however, on this occasion several tables have not yet been installed.

JNE indicates that offering money is prohibited, because they are considered gifts and this can imply a fine of up to 0 tax units.

“Candidates who, during their proselytizing campaign, deliver or promise money, gifts, gifts or other objects of an economic nature, in order to buy the vote of voters, are subject to drastic sanctions that can lead to exclusion from the electoral process” , reads a JNE statement.


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