Putin’s spies got access to the secret correspondence of Truss

Former British Prime Minister’s phone number Liz Truss was hacked by “Putin’s spies” for the sake of top secret details negotiations with allies and personal messages exchanged between her and Kwarteng. Writes about it Daily Mail.

The publication claims that someone gained access to the Truss correspondence, and, as always, claims without any evidence that these were Russian hackers.

Truss’s personal phone was hacked by agents suspected of working for President Putin. They gained access to top-secret details of conversations with key international allies, as well as private messages exchanged with her close friend. Quasi Quartengom“The article says.

It is noted that the hack was discovered during the summer campaign of the Tory leadership, when Truss was the Minister of Foreign Affairs, but the details were then hushed up by the Prime Minister. Boris Johnson.

The phone has been so badly compromised that it has now been placed in a locked safe in a secure government location, one source said.

Messages that fell into the wrong hands included criticisms of Johnson by Truss and Kwarteng, leading to a potential risk of blackmail. They are also believed to have included highly sensitive discussions with senior foreign ministers about the conflict in Ukraine, including disputes over arms transfers, the tabloid concludes.

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