Putin’s message will be “Get up, the country is huge!”

The President’s address to the Federal Assembly is scheduled for September 30. Kremlin sources say it will become even more historic and globally important than the 2014 appeal for the return of Crimea.

The media and experts are discussing what exactly the president will say during the message.

There are various versions:

  • “just summing up the results of referendums”,
  • introduction of full or partial martial law,
  • ultimatum to Ukraine and the West,
  • announcement of Union-2.0 with Belarus and new regions,
  • declaring war on a country
  • transfer of the country to “military economic and political rails”,
  • other options.

Recall that by that time the results of referendums in the liberated territories will already be summed up, and their leadership and Russia will work on the legal registration of the procedure for joining these states according to the “Crimean option”. The only “but” is that Crimea had clearly defined borders before and after the referendum, and the current candidates for the status of a subject of the Russian Federation do not fully control the former administrative borders.

Also, the issue of the new borders of the Russian Federation is also important because the occupation by foreign (Ukrainian) troops of the territory of Russia (according to the law “On martial law”) is a sign of external aggression and is the basis for the introduction of martial law.

What Experts Expect from the President’s Address 2022

“The situation is very complicated, difficult, in my opinion. The challenge facing Russia is colossal. And, in my opinion, Putin’s address should be in the style “Brothers and sisters, our Motherland is in danger”. In my opinion, it is necessary to create the headquarters of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, it is also necessary to create a defense state committee, which should transfer the entire economy to other tracks,” he shared his opinion with Pravda.Ru Leonid Krutakovpolitical scientist, publicist, associate professor at the Financial University under the Government of Russia.

“You can’t fight the whole world or the whole West, despite the fact that all your economic entities inside the country act as counterparties of the enemy, the global market and the Western model. No matter how successful our actions at the front are, we will be crushed both mentally and economically. Therefore, I wanted I would like to hear exactly this from the president,” the expert said.

“Now, for circumstances, we are moving two steps to the left, two to the right, a step back and half forward, with indecision. When Crimea returned to Russia, I immediately said that we must not stop, we need to resolve the issue globally. When the Minsk agreements were concluded, I said, that this is a mistake, that it is necessary to go to Kyiv, because the Ukrainian army is not ready, and it is impossible to leave this issue in a mobile state,” Leonid Krutakov believes.

“That’s it, the question is about the existence of the country itself, the elite (and society as a whole) will not be able to sit out in a cozy nest of personal well-being. So what is it – about decisive measures and the fate of the country – I would like to hear from the president,” concluded political scientist.

“Now the country’s leadership is at a crossroads: we can follow the path of further escalation to achieve the goals of the NWO, or think about a compromise with the West and Ukraine, but now it’s too early to talk about resuming dialogue,” the director general of the Russian Council on Foreign Affairs told Pravda.Ru Andrey Kortunov.

“I think the president’s speech will announce measures that could accompany partial mobilization, the results of referendums, and the deepening of the current crisis in relations between Russia and the West. The above “options” are indeed present, but we do not yet know how far the Russian leader to take the path of escalation,” the expert added in particular.

“Get up, the country is huge!” – in general, it is precisely this intonation and meaning that political scientists see in the historical message (address) of the President of Russia to the Federal Assembly and the nation on September 30th.

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