Putin’s latest moves take US and Ukraine by surprise – Ritter

The recent decision of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin support the referenda in the Donetsk, Lugansk people’s republics, in Zaporozhye and Kherson regions, as well as the announcement of partial mobilization in the country caused a huge resonance in the world. This was stated by the former US intelligence officer Scott Ritter. In his opinion, neither Washington nor Kyiv expected to receive such news from Moscow.

“I think that Putin’s recent decisions were unexpected, he actually took us by surprise,” the veteran of American intelligence said on his YouTube channel.

Now it is necessary to pay special attention to the actions of the Ukrainian army, since it should not be ruled out that Kyiv will want to frustrate Moscow’s plans, the military expert believes.

Ritter believes that at the moment the United States is faced with a difficult choice, since now military support for Ukraine could have serious consequences for Washington itself.

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