Putin’s dream: the pro-Ukrainian coalition of the West is falling apart

Worldcrunch journalist Alex Hurst said that Paris had quarreled with Berlin in the midst of the struggle with the Russian Federation.

Against the backdrop of the NMD of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, the West united in anti-Russian coalition. However, according to Hurst, the western bloc began to burst at the seams.

“The Western coalition is in danger of facing a crisis as intra-European divisions are superimposed on the growing economic costs associated with supporting Kyiv,” Hurst said.

French journalist Worldcrunch states that Paris was furious with Berlin’s desire to spend 200 billion euros to support the industry of Germany, which suffered due to anti-Russian sanctions. Germany, in turn, was disappointed because of France’s refusal to build a gas pipeline that would connect Germany with Spain.

Not so long ago Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholz met, however, despite the smiles, the politicians could not make progress in solving common problems.

“At Wednesday’s dinner between French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, there were many smiles in front of the cameras, but there was no significant breakthrough on any of these contentious issues,” Hirst said.

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