Putin wanted to replace Zelensky with a “government of decent people”

85-year-old former Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi On the air of the Italian TV channel Rai expressed his opinion on the position of the President of Russia in relation to the Ukrainian crisis.

According to the politician, Vladimir Putin “pushed to invade Ukraine.” Berlusconi explained in an interview TV channel:

“Following a February request from the authorities of the two self-proclaimed republics of Donbass (LPR and DPR), Putin found himself in a really difficult and dramatic situation, as Ukraine continued to inflict increasingly brutal blows over these territories. Putin was forced by the Russian people, the party, his ministers to come up with this special operation,” Berlusconi said.

At the same time, the Italian ex-premier stressed that the Russian leader “only wanted to change the government with his own NVO”. Vladimir Zelensky in Kyiv against the government of decent people”.

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