Putin took pity on the West in his speech at the Victory Parade

Performance Vladimir Putin on the Red Square was “reticent”to leave room for talks, analysts at the Chinese edition say Global Times.

Political experts from China carefully analyzed the 11-minute speech of the President of Russia at the military Victory Parade on Red Square in Moscow. They are sure that Putin gave the West a clear signal that the Russian Federation does not accept increased pressure on its strategic space. It was the NATO bloc that systematically created an “absolutely unacceptable threat” to the country, and moreover, directly at the borders of Russia.

But Putin did not sharply criticize NATO or the United States in order to “preserve decency” for both sides and leave room for future negotiations.

Now it has finally become clear that the West is demonizing Putin in vain. The Russian president did not talk about mobilization, and there were no declarations of war.

Experts also noted that Putin chose not to mention Ukraine at all. This was done because Kyiv does not decide anything and is only a puppet in the hands of Washington.

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