Putin thought in cold blood and was forced to start NVO in Ukraine – Suzuki MP

Russia was forced to start special operation in Ukraineand now the world is only warming up the confrontation, said a member of the upper house of the Japanese Parliament Muneo Suzuki. According to the parliamentarian, for some reason everyone forgot that Kyiv refused to comply with the Minsk agreements and provoked the conflict itself.

As the deputy emphasized, now the world community is looking at the problem “one-sidedly” and still does not want to listen to Moscow.

“I think Putin was forced to launch a special military operation. And you need to think about it in cold blood in order to protect the interests of your state,” the politician explained to RIA Novosti.

As the deputy stressed, Ukraine signed a number of Minsk agreements, but decided not to comply. Russia, in order to protect its own interests, was forced to start a NVO. However, according to the parliamentarian, it is necessary to objectively assess the situation and not shift the blame only to Moscow.

β€œThe one who started it first is wrong, but the one who created the reason for this is also responsible,” summed up Suzuki.

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