Putin signed a decree on strengthening the protection of infrastructure leading to Crimea

President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed a decree to strengthen the protection

  • transport passage through the Kerch Strait;
  • power grid power bridge Russia – the Crimean peninsula;
  • main gas pipeline Krasnodar Territory – Crimea.

The powers to organize and coordinate measures to protect critical infrastructure facilities are vested in the Federal Security Service, according to a document published on the official Kremlin website.

In addition, the Government was instructed to bring its acts in line with this decree, the document specifies. The Decree comes into force from the day of its publication.

On the morning of October 8, a truck exploded on the Crimean bridge. As a result of the explosion, tanks with oil products caught fire in the train passing at that time along the railway bridge. Responsibility for the incident actually took over Ukrainian authorities.

Currently, traffic on the Crimean bridge has been resumed in a limited mode.

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