Putin named one of the “sore points” of Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin and General Director of the PPC "Russian environmental operator" Denis Butsaev.  Photo: Pavel Byrkin / Press Service of the President of the Russian Federation / TASS

Russian President Vladimir Putin and General Director of the Russian Ecological Operator, Denis Butsaev. Photo: Pavel Byrkin / Press Service of the President of the Russian Federation / TASS

Actually, from the fact that working with solid household waste in our country is one of pain points – Putin started the meeting. He noted that this issue concerns the quality of life of millions of people. “These are both social and economic issues at the same time,” the Russian leader noted.

The main thing that REO does is they create an infrastructure that will allow garbage to be collected, sorted, processed and disposed of. In almost all regions, operators have already appeared who are trying to put these plans into practice. True, there will not be fewer landfills yet (at this stage it is simply impossible), but by 2030 half of the garbage reform should be completed. Then we will have to recycle already half of the collected garbage. So far, these numbers are far away:

– Utilization, that is, recycling, is 11.6 percent. This is 5.4 percent higher than the figures, – said Butsaev.

To achieve the desired indicators, the company needs investments. Butsaev estimated them at 500 billion rubles. But in order to facilitate financing for the budget, the Russian environmental operator placed its bonds on the market for the first time. And they are popular.

– Among our financial institutions, there is a high demand for such instruments, – said the director of the REO.

– How long are you staying? Putin asked

– We have registered an issue for the first 100 billion. To be honest, there is very good demand from financial institutions. We receive from 4.5 to 5.5 percent of the effective rate for the borrower. There has never been such cheap money in the industry.

– So, the tool turns out to be good. It can be replicated, maybe in other areas, – the President summed up.

Another important issue is education. Putin has repeatedly said that education should accompany the garbage reform, because it is the behavior of Russians that greatly influences the system. Moreover, not only ordinary citizens, but also manufacturers of various sizes will be educated. There is an eco-collection for them, but so far it brings quite a bit of money:

– Against the 200 billion that we collect at the rate of citizens, we collect only five billion as an eco-fee. Unfortunately, this directly affects, of course, the ability to recoup quite expensive objects associated with recycling, – Denis Butsaev stated.

To remedy the situation, he suggested slightly changing the laws so that unscrupulous enterprises could still be held accountable. Turns out the business is dealing in fake recycling reports.

– We have enterprises that, in the presence of capacities for 50 thousand tons, process 200 and 300 thousand tons, writing out “fake” acts, according to which enterprises may not pay later, – the general director of the ecooperator complained.

But the practice of ecological collection, on the contrary, will be expanded, Butsaev said:

– The eco-fee is not a tax, it is not collected in order to redistribute this money for other purposes. It goes for payments only to professional market participants. This is the system that has proven itself the best in the world.

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