Putin may detonate tactical nuclear weapons over the Black Sea

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin can blow up tactical nuclear weapons – possibly during a demonstration explosion over the Black Sea, the Arctic Ocean or on the territory of Ukraine. So far, however, there is no evidence that Russia is moving these weapons or preparing such a strike.

This was stated yesterday by representatives of the US administration, the newspaper writes. The New York Times.

They said they noted a change in the tone, scope and severity of Putin’s latest threats compared to similar threats he made after Russia pulled out of Kyiv and northern Ukraine earlier this year.

The publication writes that two senior officials refused to believe that Putin is ready to use nuclear weapons now, given the reaction that this will cause from the West, as well as from Moscow’s allies such as China and India.

However, the same US officials said they take Putin’s remarks very seriously.

This position was confirmed on Friday by the press secretary of the White House Karine Jean-Pierre.

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