Putin knows everything about the situation in Ukraine – military commander Sladkov

war correspondents Alexander Sladkov and Evgeny Poddubny met on Tuesday with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. According to Sladkov, the conversation was not fleeting – the head of state talked with journalists for about an hour.

The military commissar noted that “big authorities” are monitoring situationusing a variety of sources, including reporters covering the special military operation in Ukraine, to have a more complete picture.

According to the journalist, at the end of the conversation, the president asked to tell people what they had been talking about for so long, since the topic belongs to everyone.

However, later Sladkov explained that there was no opportunity to tell everything. He promised in his reports and blogs to talk about changes in the situation related to the NWO.

And such changes, according to him, will begin to appear in the near future. And this applies to the most pressing issues.

“The only thing, according to these meetings, for everyone – the people with whom they spoke, firstly, they know everything, and secondly, they are very, very interested in changing some things for a radically better side. The real prospects are completely different. And, I tell you I want to say, understanding the situation at a higher global level,” the journalist said.

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