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Russian President Vladimir Putin has turned out to be the most unpopular politician in the world in 2022. As follows from the results of a sociological study of the American organizationPew Research Center, published on Wednesday, June 22, only 9 percent of those polled in 18 countries where the survey was in support of his actions. 90 percent condemned his policies, the most in 20 years of such polls.

At the same time, the rating Putin in the world has not always been so bad, although it has steadily declined in recent years, notes the Pew Research Center. In Germany, his activities are still approved by 14 percent of respondents. And among German youth, this figure is even higher – 22 percent.

Putin supported by right-wingers

The attitude of Europeans towards Putin is directly related to their political views, the researchers state. Those who support right-wing populist parties in their country are more likely to be confident that Putin is doing the right thing. For example, among Greeks who have a positive view of the Greek Solution party, 55 percent rate Putin’s policies highly.

“Similar patterns can be observed among supporters of right-wing populist parties in Germany, the UK, France and Sweden,” the analysts write, stressing that among supporters of right-wing movements in Europe, Putin’s ratings fell more sharply than among their political opponents.

The attitude of respondents towards Russia as a whole has also changed. On average, in 18 countries, 85 percent of respondents express a negative opinion about the country, most say they have a “very negative” attitude towards Russia. The attitude towards Russia deteriorated the most in Italy, Greece and Poland. In these countries, it has fallen by more than 30 percentage points since the last survey. In Germany, 16 percent of respondents have a good attitude towards Russia.

The level of confidence in US President Biden is also declining

Germans’ level of confidence in US President Joe Biden has dropped markedly in 2022, to 64 percent from 78 percent a year earlier. In other European countries, this figure also fell, although the activities of the American president are still approved by the majority of respondents.

In the UK, Biden’s approval rate dropped to 56 percent, in France to 53 percent, and in Spain to 56 percent, the researchers write. Despite this drop, the average approval rate for Biden’s policies among residents of the countries surveyed is 60 percent. It is highest in Poland – 82 percent, the lowest in Greece – 41 percent.

At the same time, Biden is ahead of his predecessor Donald Trump in this indicator almost everywhere. The only country where Biden’s rating was lower than Trump’s is Israel: 60 to 71 percent.

The authors of the report write that the study did not include questions directly measuring opinions about how Biden and the United States are coping with Russian invasion of Ukraine. One of the reasons for the fall in the rating of Pew Research Center calls the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. The majority of respondents supported this decision, but noted that it was poorly implemented.

Biden’s high ratings in 2021 can be partly explained by the people’s reaction to Trump’s departure from the White House, the report says. “In his second year in office, Biden remains popular, but some of the initial enthusiasm for his presidency has faded,” the researchers said.

European Leaderboards

Biden’s rating matches the world’s approval of two European leaders included in the survey: French President Emmanuel Macron (62 percent of respondents trust him on average) and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (59 percent).

The policies of Olaf Scholz, meanwhile, are less favored than those of his predecessor, Angela Merkel. This is partly due to the fact that some respondents are not familiar with the new German leader, the authors of the study explain.

Scholz is best treated in Sweden with 81 percent, the Netherlands with 76 percent and the UK with 65 percent. Worst of all – in Israel (38 percent) and Greece (39 percent)

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