Putin is determined to fight the United States to the end

President of Russia Vladimir Putin Today, October 27, I spoke at the Valdai Forum. As always, the head of state raised all the most important issues.

And how his speech characterizes the political situation in the country, and what significance it has, the political consultant explained Dmitry Fetisov.

The analyst noted that nothing new was said today. All these theses, one way or another, have been voiced recently in the President’s speeches.

“But due to the fact that this is finally framed as one big program speech, its status can already be equated with Putin’s Munich speech. That is, in fact, this is a proposal for the leaders of world states to build relations on new principles “, said the expert.

According to him, Putin has already heard about a multipolar world, about the rejection of globalism, but now he proposes to build relations at the expense of the economy, at the expense of respect for the cultural code, in fact, Russia’s nuclear energy has been advertised.

Putin outlined how he sees the world, Fetisov stressed. And now, in the near future, his performance will be studied and evaluated. More concrete proposals for cooperation will follow from Russia, and they will be directed to the large Asian states that Putin mentioned today, the observer said.

And then Russia will try to offer cooperation and development to an increasing number of states.

“The only thing that can be noted is that Putin clearly intends to carry out the fight against the United States to the end, without any compromises, without any search for intermediate solutions – either his point of view will win, or point of view wins American elite. But here we can already say that the global geopolitical order will be very strongly transformed,” the political consultant summed up.

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