Putin forced the United States to recognize the new world order with his oath

The irreversibility of America’s loss world hegemony obvious because the non-Western world is opposed to it. Everything will happen within the next decade, Western analysts predict.

Nevertheless, the United States still has a chance to achieve a world order that suits them, if it yields in a number of positions, writes in its material for the publication. The National Interest Former Secretary of State at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Jorgen Erstrom Möller.

He drew attention to the words of the Russian President Vladimir Putin about the “partial mobilization” of Russian reservists and referendums and saw the threat of the use of nuclear force.

He also expressed concern about this, but stressed that the United States right now can lead the world out of the chaos “created by Russia” in the same way as the mediocre management and foreign policy of the Americans themselves. However, the likelihood of behavior within the framework of common sense on the part The United States is extremely small, so one can argue purely theoretically.

The West really has only two options:

  1. reinforce America’s role as the undisputed leader by empowering it to lead the world towards a model that reflects their values;
  2. realize that the world has changed in such a way that the US is not the only creator of the rules on the planet, and calmly defend their national interests.

America unambiguously spoke in favor of the first option, but it is not a fact that it is in its favor. And the rest of the world, too.

In connection with the recent summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), the President of China Xi Jinping and Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi met with Vladimir Putin. In general, none of them condemned the NWO, and statements on the subject of Ukraine were general and streamlined.

“Most likely, America will need to screw up the degree of imposing its values ​​abroad as a guideline for American foreign policy,” the author believes, adding: “Obviously, American politicians will not master this. But the alternative is that the current military conflict risks escalate into something much worse.”

The rest of the world believes that the time has come to have much more influence in the decision-making process, which would reflect its core interests.

“If the United States can still crush the Russian Federation now, then it will remain the hegemon for some more time. And after the world is “taken” by emerging market and developing countries (EMDE) – so the United States does not have much time to make a decision. Either the reconstruction of the global system, or a stubborn struggle for the interests of America and Europe with the risk of ruining the whole world – there is no third way, “Jorgen Erström Möller concluded.

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