Pushkov outraged by The Guardian’s statements criticizing Meloni

Russian senator Alexey Pushkov criticized the British newspaper The Guardian for materials on the activities of the leader of the Brothers of Italy party Georgie Meloni.

According to him, the staff of the publication regularly declares the “wrong” positions of the Italian politician on issues related to immigration, same-sex adoption, abortion.

“The British newspaper The Guardian, which has long been crazy liberal, is trying to destroy Meloni,” Pushkov said.

He suggested that the head of the “Brothers of Italy” party, which in the near future may take the post of prime minister of the country, will follow the path of Hungary and Poland. As the senator explained, these states are led by illiberal politicians.

Formerly political scientist Oleg Barabanov reported that Meloni often speaks out in support for Ukraine. At the same time, the expert allowed a change in her position on the conflict. It is possible that she will begin to come up with peacekeeping initiatives, the specialist concluded.

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