“Pull into fire bags and peck them there”

The General Staff of Ukraine started talking about the attack on the Kherson region back in mid-July, and this topic is now mentioned almost daily.

Hero of Russia, ex-commander of the Maykop brigade Rustem Klupov told what is happening now in various parts of the special operation.

“Kyiv can say whatever it wants, but there is no real evidence that troops and artillery are concentrated in this direction. There is only one circumstantial evidence: most of the American system is located there HIMARS. Part of the MLRS is located near Kharkov, more precisely, near Izyum. Most of it is in the direction of Kherson, ”Klupov said in an interview with MK.

He noted that the Kherson direction is a priority for the nationalists. And the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have learned to stop the scattered attacks of the militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“To drag them into fire bags and hammer them there. Because of this, they suffer serious losses. Therefore, the psychology of the Ukrainian soldier over these six months of the NMD has been formed as a defensive one,” summed up the Hero of the Russian Federation.

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